Vitality Ziggurats : Landmarker for a Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

Project Type : Cultural
Competition : Nuclear-Arch out loud
Location : New Mexico, USA
Tools : Google SketchUp, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Vray

Fall 2017 : The University of New Mexico

Team : Chaitanya Korra, Gabriel Gaytan

The concept is based off how electrons move and orbit around a central point in any atomic structure. This concept enabled us to organize our structures around the area that has the most radioactive material and prevent future generations from reaching the site.


The Ziggurats are made of sandstone to stay standing for an extended period. We organized the structures around the site with hieroglyphics on the sides in the 6 languages that the United Nations recognize. These markings will be informing anyone that is passing through that there is radioactive material in the area.

Aerial View
Exterior View
Exterior view
Final Competition Sheet