Drawing: Documentation of Nizam Sugar Factory

Project Type : Documentation
Competition : LIK Trophy 2010, NASA India
Location : Nizamabad, India
Tools : Hand Drafting, Dot Rendering, Sketching

Fall 2010 : JNAFA University

Collaborators : Jagadeesh Gorle, A V Revanth, Krishna Chaitanya L, Lowkya Chaturika

A great building must begin with the unmeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed and in the end must be unmeasurable.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               - Louis Kahn


Challenge: To document the historic Indian industrial architecture (buildings and complexes) as exemplary of engineering design and creative manipulation of materials and forms. To understand how historic industrial buildings/ complexes were conceptually planned and designed reflecting a certain set of values (functional, technological, material, constructional etc). To understand present form, use, character, qualities of industrial buildings/ complexes. To research the industrial architecture’s ability to cope with the different challenges of today and its potential for revitalization and adaptive re-use.

The Nizam sugar factory is located at Shakkarnagar, Telangana, India. It has an average elevation of 357 metres with tropical wet and dry climate. It was built by the last Nizam of Hyderabad Mir Usman Ali Khan. It was constructed with the motto of ‘never stopping’. The site was discovered at the time when Nizam Sagar dam was constructed. It has rich soils for the cultivation of sugar cane. The construction of this factory was started in 1937 and completed in 1939. It occupies 22 acres of land.

Aerial View - Nizam Sugar Factory

1.Mill House
2.Boiler House
3.Central Workshop
4.Moulding & Fabrication
5.Tractor Workshop
6.Administration Office
8.General Stores
9.Distillary Unit
10.General Sugar Godown
11.Animal feed plant
12.Sulphur Godown
13.Sugar Godown
14.General Stores
15.Powder House

Site Plan



The buildings are built with I-Section steel frames as the main load bearing structrues and steel trusses for roof support.

The walls are made of brick masonry and lime mortar.

Trafford sheets are used for the roofing.The ceilings are at 15M height from the floor.

The flooring is done with shadab stone with a damp proof course of bitumen layer underneath.

The walls and columns have bitumen sheets as damp proof course ensuring moisture free storage.

Site Section

Plan - Distillery Unit

Section- Distillery Unit

Elevation- Distillery unit

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